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We’re committed to providing compassionate, quality care for those in need. Our constant goal is to create a home-like environment where health, wellness, and choice come to life for those we serve. We have been blessed with the generosity of our donors throughout the years. To continue helping those we care for live their lives to the fullest, we invite your partnership with a gift. Any gift can truly makes a difference to the lives at St. Benedict’s. 

Past projects sponsored by donors include:

  • Emmaus memory care center
  • Chapel and stained glass windows
  • Additional private rooms
  • Gardenview end-of-life care suite
  • Mobility courtyard
  • Rehab gym
  • Beauty shop
  • St. Martha’s kitchen
  • New flooring and carpeting
  • INTL computer technology for senior adults


There are intricacies to help St. Benedict’s that you can also take advantage of. Learn about planned giving.

One intriguing way of giving is to take advantage of the recently established Tax Credit law that allows North Dakota taxpayers to receive a 40% state income tax credit for specific charitable contributions of $5,000 or more. Gifts must be made to endowment or with plan gifts to qualify for this tax credit. Unused tax credit can be carried forward for three years.

Example: For a 25% marginal tax rate return (maximum $10,000 tax credit per person and $20,000 for joint filers.)

Gift Amount





Estimated Federal Tax Savings





40% ND Income Tax Savings*





Net Cost of Contribution






St. Benedict's Health Center is tax-exempt under section 501(c)3 of the internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductable to the full extent allowed by law.

We thank you for your generous donations!

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